Were you impacted by the bad weather recently?

Hire a trusted Remodeling Contractor today in the Conroe, TX area

Did a freeze cause your pipes to burst and flood your home? Turn to LanBar construction to help restore your home to a livable space again. We have top-rated crews ready to assist in your time of need. Call us for any flood damage repair in Conroe, TX and all of the surrounding areas.

Your Home Always Has Room for Improvement

Hire a trusted Remodeling Contractor today in the Conroe, TX area

Does your property fall short of meeting your needs? If your home feels uninspiring or your business is too cramped, it's time to call in the pros. LanBar is a top-rated remodeling contractor based in Conroe, TX and serving all of the surrounding areas. You can count on us for home improvement needs.

Update Your Property Inside and Out

Meeting your property improvement needs

Searching for a remodeling and roofing contractor you trust? Our local, family-owned company pulls out all the stops to satisfy our clients. You can count on us when you need:



We also offer cement and concrete work. Ask a remodeling or roofing sales representative on our team for an estimate now. You can reach us at 936-349-0110.



Trust a well-qualified team

LanBar was established to provide much-needed services to Conroe, TX and the surrounding areas. We don't just do the job right - we offer helpful advice and unbeatable customer care. Our owner has over 30 years of experience and uses that knowledge to guide every project. When you come to our licensed and insured company, you're in capable hands.

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